High quality wholesale prices

Whole Artichokes
Artichoke are a delicious & versatile vegetable, ideal served either hot as a side dish or cold in salads. Artichokes turn an average dish into a gourmet dish and provide a unique flavour. 

Wholesale Olives
At Smoking Gourmet we supply good quality bulk olives, naturally delicious &  all picked at optimal stages of ripesness. All our olives are preserved using an age old, traditional, long, slow, fermentation process 

Wholesale Balsamic Tomatoes
Delicious, fresh, tomatoes preserved in Balsamic vinegar.  Balsamic preserved tomatoes is fast gaining the reputation as a gourmet accompaniment. At Smoking gourmet we select only the finest tomatoes which

Wholesale Peppadews
Smoking Gourmet are manufactures and suppliers of Peppadews. We supply bulk, wholesale Peppadews to restaurants in and around Durban & KZN. Order wholesale Peppadews from smoking gourmet.