The story of the legendary smoked chicken

In the early 90’s, in search of the perfectly smoked chicken breast, a young Hans Airhirn - then working as a chef at a popular restaurant, decided one day to smoke his own chicken. Chicken breast, being low in fat content, is not the easiest meat to smoke. It can easily dry out in the smoker and become rubbery. The smoking of the perfect chicken breast is somewhat of an art form. Through trial and error, Hans created the perfectly smoked chicken breast, moist, full of flavour & perfectly seasoned.  

Without much hoo-ha, Hans quietly served the chicken to the customers, not thinking much about it. Soon enough, people started inquiring where the smoked chicken came from. Over and over, people from all over the world who ate there, said they had never tasted such delicious smoked chicken before and enquired of the supplier. Soon Hans realised he had a winner on his hands and that was the birth of the Smoking Gourmet! Hans's perfectly smoked chicken is now supplied to some of Durban’s top restaurants. To this day, few can match the texture, flavour and moisture content of the Smoking Gourmets famous smoked chicken.